Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Bath

There’s a reason everyone loves looking at photos of “how to improve your home,” or “how to get the spa-like bath you’re dying for”… If (as the saying goes) a person’s “home is their castle,” people want to feel like kings and queens…Right? We all may not be able to have “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or live like a Kardashian, but we do like the idea of fantasizing — or finding small ways to bring that fantasy lifestyle home.

We all may not be able to have “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or live like a Kardashian, but we do like the idea of fantasizing — or finding small ways to bring that fantasy lifestyle home.

Fashion consultants or reporters call this “making the runway styles available to everyone.” Taking a “high style” (read: expensive, exclusive) style and finding ways for the average, everyday woman to incorporate that style trend into her existing wardrobe.

Decorating your home isn’t that different. Here are some ways to affordably spruce up your bath when you can’t afford a total make-over.

Bath Accessories and Shower Curtain
Accessories can bring life and personality to a small space – bringing big punch for a little budget. Photo credit:

Incorporate an on-trend shower curtain, highlighting a hot new color or pattern. As shown in this photo, the shower curtain is in a cool ikat-chevron pattern. While the colors are neutral, it’s the hip and cool pattern here that brings spice to the room.  Think of shower curtains like regular curtains: invest in quality, go lush with gathers and ample fullness, maybe even going as far as the curtains pooling on the floor.


Other details to note: the difference between “drab” and “drama” can all be found in the details of a room. Check out the “collage” wall of simple wood block letters (something can be found easily at your local area craft store, like Michaels), prints and clock.  The wainscotting, capping a beadboard wall treatment is visually appealing – and easily doable with a can of paint and a trip to your local home improvement store (in fact, if you take the time to measure, many stores will cut the beadboard or trim for you!). Simple antiqued towel hooks bring in dark accents to add punch to the neutrals swathed room.



Photo credit: Home in the Country
Photo credit: Home in the Country



Chalkboard paint… In the Bathroom?  Chalkboard paint has been around a long time, and is often associated with kids’ rooms or family rooms.

But if you’re redecorating a family bath area — why NOT use this tried and true treatment? Besides bringing a dramatic backdrop to your bath, it’s a great way for kids (and grownups too) to share musings on life, appreciation for one another, or other little tidbits in their lives.



High-quality towels. There’s a reason those luxury hotel bath sheets are so fabulous – they’re a different level of quality than your typical budget department store brand.  Get to know the manufacturer’s label: Look for GSM (gram per square meter) counts over 550, which reveals a higher quality towel. If GSM, the bath equivalent to thread count for your bedroom sheets, isn’t listed (and it’s not always), go for 100% cotton or Supima: the thickness and fluffiness you’re looking for (that sense of luxury) will last longer, whereas lower quality towels or bath sheets will tend to flatten out over a few months of use.



Painted bathroom floor
Photo credit: Thinkstock via

Ugly floors. Ok, you’re desperate. We get it. That hideous 1970s gold linoleum is just too ugly for words. If you’re picking your battles, some say that two coats of dark paint—and three of polyurethane will  give you the dramatic, high style look you’re craving… at least for now. No, this isn’t a “permanent solution.” But it might give you that ounce of “improvement” you’re looking for while you prioritize other areas of the bath.


Going along with this idea: explore putting an area run in your bath.  As shown in this photo, the runner livens up the dark, painted linoleum, and given the limited space you’re working with, the runner will likely be quite affordable.






Refinishing tired tiles. Speaking of ugly … yes, there are still a few pink bathrooms around. If your tiles are in great shape but just a horrible color, refinishing your tiles is a great way to get rid of the ugly color quickly and very affordably.  Refinishing is similar to the kitchen notion of “refacing” one’s cabinets: a professional works with the existing materials you have, to create a style (or in this case, color) you prefer — usually in less than a day.

Refinishing can be done to most of the surfaces in your bath: tub, tiles, sinks… all in the color you choose and with the high gloss or shine you associate with freshly remodeled baths.


Painting cheap/old cabinets.  

Photo credit: Thinkstock via
Photo credit: Thinkstock via

Maybe your home was built with the standard or “stock” cabinets from the 80s? Rather than tearing out the cabinet (again, assuming it’s in decent shape) try every redecorator’s cheap and quick fix-it tool: a can of paint.

In this case, your color choice is going to be vital: look to the luxury baths you’re aspiring to for inspiration.  Bone and deep black are common choices, but you can also “antique” cabinets in the grooves or trim areas to give the cabinet a more “authentic” look.

Don’t forget: if your counters are a solid surface or tile, you can also revitalize this through refinishing as well.

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