To All Bathroom “Soon-to-Be-My-Patients” Out There

This is one of my first posts at my new WordPress blog. Please come and join me anytime. I would love to hear some comments and requests for info.

What’s this blog about you may ask? … well, it’s all about bathrooms, that includes bathroom repairs, remodeling, designing, building, etc, it also includes residential, industrial and commercial  bathrooms. Send me a note, be one of the first to post and get a free surprise gift.

Thanks in advance from the Bathtub Doctor Team

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  1. Hey Orlando,
    Just came across your site. Been thinking about reglazing our tub for a while now. Would like to know your cost? We also have 2 tiles in the shower that are bowing out off the wall and need to be fixed….do you do that work too? I have been doing some research and am finding that there are many different chemicals and techniques used for this process…..what is the acid stage all about? Thanks!

    • Hey! Thanks for visiting, sure we can fix those tiles and much more. As far as the acid etching is an important part of the preparation of the surface for refinishing, you can sand or abrade porcelain very easy without gauging or damaging the glossy surface, etching with hydrofluoric acid compounds works very well doing that but it has to be done and handled right, it is corrosive and has a strong smell, we use proper mechanical ventilation and personal safety equipment.
      Hope this helps you.

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