From Around the Web – 22 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

It seems like all the great bathroom redesign ideas assume that we all have palatial homes or huge baths… But what if you’re not one of those lucky individuals?

Not to worry! The average size bathroom in the US is about 40 square feet (especially for homes built before 1980).  That can be close quarters if you don’t think through how to get the most out of every inch in that space.

We’ve highlighted our favorite small bath design tips here — but our friends over at have 22 design ideas for making the most of your tiny bathroom.


Small Bath Design
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Using pocket doors is great way to ensure you get more floor space from your tiny space, but don’t forget about other types of doors:  Glass doors, glass dividers, even glass block to create separation between the bath and/or shower area and the rest of your bath.


Other style tips in this photo: Make note of the open shelving concept both in the sink and shower areas. For some of us, that might prove to be inspiration enough to keep things picked up and put away neatly!

Check out the large format tiles in the shower area – a hot trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

An oversized, trough-style sink also allows for two people to get ready simultaneously and still evokes a sense of luxury.



Small Bath Design
Create a sense of zen-like Asian drama in a refurnished small bath area. Here, the shower is a tiny space but packs a big punch visually. Photo credit:

Pick your battles.  You don’t have to go for big, bold touches of tile all the time.  Most of us have to make our budgets stretch – even when it is a tiny bath. (Remember, the bath is often one of the most expensive rooms in the home to remodel.)

Budget stretching ideas here: In this case, a shrewd homeowner can make his budget stretch.  While this bath has a mosaic-styled backsplash and accent in the shower area, the floor tile is pretty standard looking.

If your tiles are in great shape – but the color doesn’t work for you anymore, consider refinishing the tiles to go with the new look and feel of the bath area.



When new tile is needed – let’s say, a wood-looking tile in the shower area – consider the plank styles for visual interest and appeal.  Keeping the shower area open with an opaque dividing wall allows light to still flow in, and yet evokes a sense of the homeowner’s own personality, creating a zen-like atmosphere.

Also, consider taking a page from fashion: accessorizing with high-quality statement items.  We love the oblong-shaped sinks and metallic pendant lighting shown in the photo.


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Go big or go home! Some might say that everything in a smaller bathroom simply needs to be “smaller” or “white” or neutral. But what if we turn that philosophy on its head for a moment?

Yes, this bath is white, and capitalizes on neutrals, and the unobstructed window allows for natural light to spill in…. but the combination of a gorgeous, freestanding soaking tub and decadent mosaic accent wall does wonders to evoke personality and style in this tiny space.

The long, alternately formatted, free standing sink still allows for the feeling of “light,” “open” and “airy-ness” in the room, while keeping things entirely functional.  Again, the mirror helps to bounce light and evoke even more spaciousness. We love how the homeowner here has included

Again, the mirror helps to bounce light and evoke even more spaciousness. We love how the homeowner has included plant life in the bath here – adding a spot of color, texture and “life” in the room.


Remember – tiny baths don’t mean “tiny ideas.” Get creative! You can still show personality and style in a functional bath area – even a tiny one.  A tiny bath can still have high drama and style – and it doesn’t have to break the budget either. A combination of strategically chosen investments, with repurposing or refinishing existing assets can mean a bath you love at a price you can afford for years to come.


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