Bathtub Chips and Crack Repairs

Big crack on acrylic tub
Big crack on an acrylic tub

Bathtub chips and cracks repairs

Expert bathtub chips and crack repairs done by 38 yr experienced refinisher
Saves time and money, for thousands of contractors and homeowners.

If you’re fed up with the constant frustration of bathtub chips and cracks, or bathtub construction damage then this discovery may be exactly what you need.

Orlando, a leading authority in bathtub refinishing with 38 years of experience, has for years, uncovered an incredibly potent method to solve the common problem of bathtub damage.

The best part is it doesn’t involve expensive replacement or time-consuming renovations.

This simple repair technique has sent ripples through the home improvement industry after thousands of contractors and homeowners quickly restored their bathtubs to pristine condition.

This quick solution is so powerful because it addresses the root cause of bathtub deterioration, thereby providing a long-lasting fix rather than a temporary cover-up.

In addition to saving time and money, this method also enhances the overall appearance of your bathroom, increases property value, and extends the lifespan of your tub.

After repairs and refinishing
After repairs

Here is a Q&A that may help clarify what is happening

  1. How can I fix a chip in my bathtub?
    • You can try it yourself, but you will find that a pro can do it faster and probably for less than what you will spend when and if it’s all done.
  2. What’s the best way to repair a crack in my tub?
    • Make a list of materials and equipment, purchase everything you need, and carefully read (or watch) all instructions.
  3. Why does my bathtub keep chipping?
    • You probably missed or didn’t follow the instructions, did you clean the area? Did you sand the area? did you mix the filler correctly, did you use a primer base?
  4. How can I prevent my bathtub from cracking?
    • A crack in a bathtub generally happens in an acrylic bathtub, the reason for the cracking could be an installation problem, like a lack of support under the affected area. A repair like that involves filling under the area to build the support and re-enforce the section to prevent cracking or extend the service life.
  5. Can a cracked bathtub cause water damage to my bathroom?
    • Yes, water will cause extensive damage to the floor, wood framing, drywall, etc.
  6. Is it safe to use a bathtub with cracks and chips?
    • Not really. A crack will only get worse and larger when not repaired.
  7. How much does it cost to repair a chipped or cracked bathtub?
    • Price will range from cheap repairs that won’t last, to effective solutions that save you time, money, and resources. Schedule a Consultation or Contact Us to learn more.
  8. Can I fix a chip in my tub myself or do I need professional help?
    • See number 1 above.
  9. What are the risks of ignoring chips and cracks in my bathtub?
    • Cracks can only get worse if not repaired promptly, they could be dangerous as well because of the sharp edges that could scratch or cut skin.
  10. Are there any effective home remedies for fixing bathtub chips and cracks?
    • Not really, what is out there are outdated, ineffective products that are a waste of time and money, they will peel, rub off, discolor, etc.
  11. How can I make my repaired bathtub look as good as new?
    • To make the tub look as good as new you will need a repair done by a professional using high-quality materials not easily available to the average homeowner or DIY handyman.
  12. Can I still use my tub while waiting for the repair of a chip or crack?

To discover more about this groundbreaking repair technique that the home improvement stores don’t want you to know, Schedule a call with a professional.

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