New EPA LEAD regulation into effect as of today April 22: Earth Day

By on April 23, 2010

Yes, you heard that right -  now you have to certified by EPA to do remodeling in homes built prior to 1978 as of today April 22 (Earth Day) contractors working in homes built before 1978 must be certified by the EPA as qualified to handle potential LEAD contamination, extensive regulation, documentation and certification costs and heavy fines will be imposed to violators, see:

http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/renovation.htm for details.  The ruling sent contractors running to submit applications for training and certification. If this is so urgent now, what made it OK to poison ourselves and our customers for the last 50 years!

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  1. Spirit of Detroit

    August 11, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Please sign our petition to fix the lead poisoning prevention program in Detroit & keep up the great work in your community.

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