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By on December 6, 2016
Photo Credit: BlackSheep via Apartment Therapy.com

Photo Credit: BlackSheep via Apartment Therapy.com

Grout is more than just merely a functional, structural element: one that bonds tiles together or makes  your floor stronger. Grout is a design element too - one that's often glossed over after a homeowner has agonized for days, weeks...yes, even months... over tile selection.

But before you commit to a color, consider trialing several color options first before anchoring your look. You have several strategies to consider when picking grout color:

  • Matching the tile: This works great when you have gorgeous, expensive tiles, or you want to highlight the tiles (or their color) themselves. (Think- the clean continuous look of white wall tiles, etc.)
  • Contrasting the tile: This is a great option when you want to highlight the patterns in the tile or accentuate the pattern you've laid the tiles - such as in a herringbone pattern. This also looks great when you've selected a basic, larger tile, like a subway tile, and are accenting it with a contrasting grout (as seen above.)
  • Playing it safe: Light or neutral grout colors are a safe option when you're not sure what to do. Dark grouts are stain resistant and hide dirt, but they fade over time or from harsh cleaning agents. Light grout can sometimes be easier to keep clean.


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