How to caulk a tub like a pro!

How to caulk a tub like a pro!

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Time to complete: 45 min.

Recommended tools needed for this job:

* Wallpaper scraper with 4″ scraper blades
* Scotch Brite cleaning pads
* Comet cleanser with bleach
* Caulking gun
* 1 tube G.E. bathroom silicone caulking (white or clear for dark color tubs)

1. If existing caulking line has harden, it maybe necessary to heat it up with a hair dryer until it becomes soft enough to scrape with blades.
2. Remove all existing caulking or grout from tub line at three walls.
3. Wash area with cleanser that contains bleach. (It will get rid of mildew)
4. Make sure you remove all traces of old grout, caulking, mildew and soap.
5. Allow area to dry.
6. Apply masking tape to tile wall 1/4 inch higher above tub or shower. and to bathtub in the same manner as above. Do all three walls.
7. Use a quality caulk like G. E. White Silicone Caulking for white tub, do not use clear.
8. Load the tube in a caulking gun, cut tip diagonally and pierce seal.
9. Start from either side, left or right. When you begin squeezing gun trigger, begin moving gun at the same time, always pull the gun opposite the direction which gun is pointing, keeping pressure on the trigger, against tub and wall, do not lift gun off caulk line until you reach a corner. At that point release trigger and pressure from the gun, using paper towels, clean off gun tip.
10. Begin the center line (long wall) again pulling gun and squeezing trigger constantly without lifting gun, pull gun to next corner of tub, release trigger and pressure, lift gun and clean off tip.
11. Complete the last line the same way, keeping gun tip clean at all times. At that point using your wet index finger smooth silicone line by sliding your wet finger and removing excess at the same time, run the finger to first corner, stop, clean finger with paper towel the start the next line, follow this step until you finish all three walls.
12. Finally allow 10 min. or so to allow caulking to set.
13. Proceed to remove all tapes slowly and carefully discard into waste container.

Congratulations!, you are now a caulking pro!

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