Decisions, decisions: Should you remodel? Or refinish?

Remodeling can be an exciting opportunity. But it can also wreak havoc on your budget if not handled well. But how can you get the remodeled look without breaking the bank?

One of the fastest, most economical, efficient ways to renovate is actually to refinish (rather than replacing) your tile work.

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Here are some things to think through when you’re deciding whether to refinish your baths or to “go all in” with total renovation:

Are the baths in “good shape” whereas other parts of the house are in serious need of help? For example, sometimes refinishing (rather than totally gutting and remodeling) the bath is just “enough” – thus allowing funds to be directed towards other things (such as furnishings, new towels, drapery, artwork) in the bath — or even improvements in other adjacent areas like a hallway, bedroom closet or bedroom.

Are the baths “ok” – structurally still good – but have seen better days? It’s sometimes enough to get your baths just enough of the “sprucing up” needed to get by until you are ready for a possible major remodel. After all, your kitchens and baths have the greatest potential for looking dated – but also are some of the biggest contributors to the overall value of your home. One way to trim your budget without substantially diminishing the opportunity for the look of “luxury” or visual appeal is to refinish the tiles you currently have.

Are the tiles, themselves, in good shape – but could use a facelift? Refinishing can allow you to change colors – even textures such as a stone or wood look – of your tiles, as well as bring back the luster of new tile. When done professionally, refinished surfaces will have the same luster as they did when they were originally installed and are often under warranty.

Refinishing isn’t appropriate in all situations. But a reputable professional will give you an honest assessment of your situation by looking at the condition and quality of your tiles and grout, noting any cracks and chips – and if they can be repaired well enough for refinishing.

Refinishing your tile areas can’t take away all of your remodeling pains, but it can shorten project timelines as well as lighten the impact room revenue losses.


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