Before and After Bathtub Crack Repair

Construction damage is an unfortunate reality, I help hundreds of contractors every year with bathtub and shower-wall-damaged surfaces. But help is available with great results most of the time that can save you or your company time and money. Here is an example of a repair on this acrylic tub.

Cracked acrylic tub

You can see here an 8″ long crack on the hidden edge of this big whirlpool tub. This type of repair can be done by covering the surrounding area, roughing up the surface, removing loose particles, filling up all cracks completely, and allowing it to dry fully.

bathtub crack repair
Here is the area filled out, with acrylic paste in Biscuit color, dry and ready for sanding

Next, what needs to be done is sanding everything smooth to level the surface, caulk the tub line, and get it ready for polishing.

Here is the completed repair filled, sanded, and polished

As you can see even large cracks and damaged areas this size can be repaired with good results, that can save the day, time, and a lot of money.

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