4 Ways Bathtub Refinishing Could Improve Your Life

Bathtub refinishing
Bathtub refinishing and new porcelain floor tile installed

4 Ways Bathtub Refinishing Could Improve Your Life

When good bathtubs turn bad, you know you need to do something. Here are four reasons to consider bathtub refinishing for your next home improvement project.

1. Function

At first, you may look at your bathtub and think that you cannot live this way. Perhaps the finish is starting to crack or chip off in pieces. No one wants to take a bath with a bunch of floating pieces everywhere, especially if you have small children in the house. You consider replacing the bathtub until you realize what kind of hassle it can be. New bathtubs are generally inexpensive, but the real complication is the removal of the old tub, making sure that the existing structure will accommodate a new tub, and getting it ready for installation. Why take a bathroom out of commission when you could solve the problem with refinishing? A refinished bathtub works as well as it did before with a simple installation.

2. Appearance

You use your bathtub every day for showering or bathing. Every time you look at it, you see how it is starting to look old or worn. You say that you are going to take care of it, but you may find it hard to set aside the time. This has effects on your health. Having a home that looks cluttered, even if the only clutter is a visually displeasing bathtub, can cause you stress when a bath should really be improving the way you feel. In this case, bathtub refinishing becomes one more item checked off your improvement list. You get a bathtub that looks awesome, and you do not have to look at an ugly, broken finish anymore. Take action and book your Free Consultation today.

3. Budget

Few homeowners have unlimited funding, which means you have to be somewhat selective about the home improvements you engage in. Think about how you would approach a bathroom remodel. Sure, you could replace the bathtub, spending well over $3,500, and have to shower elsewhere for a time. The best part about bathtub refinishing is that, for a few hundred dollars, you can free up your funds to pay for other things that you really want. Instead of wasting your entire budget on the bathtub, you might have enough left for a new sink and cabinet. It allows you to give your whole bathroom a refresh without breaking the bank.

4. Home Value

As a homeowner, what you need to do most is preserve your home’s value. You never know when you might need to sell your home in a hurry, so taking steps to keep your home in ideal condition is the best approach. Although big home improvements like remodeling your kitchen tend to carry greater weight, little touches make the home look more or less valuable, depending on their appearance. Bathtub refinishing takes very little time and can last for several years while still looking great for potential buyers. By getting it done now, you can avoid having to worry about it when you think about selling the home.

A fixture in your home that gets as much use as the bathtub deserves regular care. With bathtub refinishing, you can decrease your stress and preserve your home value without spending a lot of money. Take action and book your Free Consultation today.


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