10 Tile Trends for Your Bath

If you’ve decided to remodel – perhaps keeping the basic floor plan of your bath but need new tiling – here are 10 ideas to consider when rethinking the look of your bath.


Wall tile isn’t limited to a backsplash anymore.


Tile Trends in Hotel Bath Design
Wall tile can create dramatic visual interest in small spaces – like behind your mirrors above the sinks. Photo Credit carlaaston.com


While tile has always been a viable option for the bathroom walls, this is a trend that is growing – replacing paint and wallpaper as the favored wall covering–  in 2016.

Metallics as an accent make a design lean toward the dramatic. Even in small doses, metallic is a hit.

It will be everywhere this year, but it will play a supporting role. Tile will jump off the wall in all kinds of 3D designs this year. While trends will still favor neutral colors, textures will be anything but neutral.

Look for geometric patterns, waves, handcrafted look, and high-low mosaic patterns. Tile on the wall is getting bigger and getting away from classic mosaic backsplash. It won’t be unusual to see large format tile, including planks. The new favorite will be tiles 24 inches or more in length.










Tile Trends in Hotel Bath Design
Brick doesn’t have to be boring! Think in terms of color (such as grey or black) materials (such as slate-look) and pattern like this visually engaging herringbone. Photo Credit: Houzz.com


Brick Makes a Comeback

Brick-look tile is an easier to maintain option than actual brick and you’ll get the same look and feel. Most brick installations are for the wall. But 2016 will see brick on the floor.

Brick-look tile on the floor is a great idea because porcelain is already a proven winner for floors. Just like wood, brick is getting a facelift with some paint. Painted brick has that retro look that is coming back into vogue but it still has a flair of the contemporary.

Brick isn’t boring. Who says rectangular shapes have to be dull? Brick shapes – like the ubiquitous subway tiles — are making a splash in all sorts of bath and flooring designs. And why not? There’s so much flexibility and they can be so affordable!

Look for tile with graphics, text, and highlights in metallic colors. Aged brick, like the kind you’d find in an old downtown loft, is available in tile and probably the most popular choice in brick-look for 2016.







The Look of Wood with the Convenience of Tile

Wood Tile
Wood tile is going to be everywhere! Photo Credit: Daltile.com

The wood-looking tile trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, the trend is going to get bigger as the products available improve. Look for these variations in the trend:

  • Layout – not only in planking but also in patterns such as herringbone
  • Reclaimed wood – the weathered, distressed “authentic look” is bigger than ever. The image speaks to the recycling/“green” movement. It evokes a sense of uniqueness – of authenticity.
  • Painted – coming up on the horizon, look for whitewashing!
  • Cross Grain – rather than showing a wood grain running length-wise, think of seeing the rings of grained wood in your tiles.




Tile textures. When you’re thinking of ways to create a lot of “punch” or impact in a space, texture is a go-to strategy that works wonders. Textures come in all sorts of forms: From faux wood or poured concrete to tiles that quite literally have a texture – even ones with three-dimensional effects! For those on a budget, using texturized tiles can be a great way to add visual interest in a small space.





Smooth Cement-looking Tile

Tile Trends in Hotel Bath Design
Cement Looking Tile is elevated from the industrial look to an elegant statement. Photo Credit: Founterior.com

Cement, like wood, isn’t a new idea for floors and walls. But this trend is going to hit its stride in 2016. It’s a look that doesn’t date itself so it’s here to stay. Cement-look tile in 2016 will be softer and warmer, making it suitable for all kinds of design. Concrete isn’t just for modern design anymore. Look for it in warm grey, taupe, and beiges. Concrete-look tiles will begin to be available in many different shapes and sizes in 2016. Mosaic, planks, hex, and large format will become popular. This upgrade elevates cement-looks in design.







The Luxury of Marble Without the Cost

Tile Trends in Hotel Bath Design
Think beyond the block tile. Marble-looking tiles come in a wide range of shapes and patterns – making a luxurious material just that much more engaging – and within reach. Photo Credit: decoist.com

Luxurious marble is so distinctive. But the costs – including to the cost to the environment – can be off-putting. Fortunately, today’s porcelain tiles are so amazingly realistic it’s hard to tell the difference! Get creative with this luxury style icon: look for marble-like tiling on not just floors but walls and counters too.

Expect to see “marble” looking tiles on the walls, floor, in mosaics or mixed in with other types of tile media.   This enduring, classic marble look with its white background and grey veining is going to be huge in 2016. When it comes to tile, the marble look is more realistic than ever.










Oversized, big format tiles. Move over standard 6×6 or 12×12-inch tiles… flooring tile is also going large – and we mean “LARGE”: 5’x10’ anyone? Tiles that have the look of real wood can come in 6×24 or even 12 x 24-inch formats. Why the oversized look? Think luxury. Oversized tiles can visually communicate a sense of luxury in just a glance. And don’t just think it’s for the floor: 24” length wall tiles are becoming popular too.


50 Shades of Grey.

Grey Flooring Hotel Tile Trend
All shades of grey can create the perfect backdrop to your room designs. Photo Credit: ecorecommercialflooring.com #4067

While deep, super-saturated tones are trending right now, it pays have a counter-balance in your rooms. And Grey is in. Take a page from our fashion friends: grey is a great backdrop to build on. It’s a staple color that looks great on its own AND can let the rest of your color palette stand out.

Grey – a whole range of greys – is at your fingertips to blend in with other luxurious furnishings.

Even wood-like flooring materials are coming in exotic and striking shades of grey: something that creates visual interest, and yet will be a solid foundational design element for your rooms for years.




Metallic Tiles.

Metallic tile hotel flooring tile trend
Metallic tile – copper, pewter, iron — can make a room pop. Photo Credit: Discount Mosaic Supply, Etsy.com

Even if just used as small accents, metallic tiles can bring drama and life to a “standard” bathroom. One truly “hot” tone tip? Think copper! Think rose gold! There’s a reason why Apple uses these colors in their product designs. Metallics are hot. They speak of luxury. …Of durability. …Of quality.













Tile patterns.

Area Rug Tiles Hotel Flooring Trend
Imagine creating the luxurious look of an area rug with the durability of porcelain. Photo Credit: Daltile.com
Laying out tiles in engaging patterns isn’t dead. Far from it! Think through your patterns, however. Chevrons and linear formats are “in” – and a unique way to create movement and drama to a room. There are even ceramic tile manufacturers who are “softening” the hard-look of tile and creating patterns more reminiscent of area rugs or carpet!





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