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German Mayorga, Square Indigo:

”As a General Contractor and Property Manager, we’ve hired the Bathtub Doctor to re-glaze both rental unit bathtubs and high-end special-ordered bathtubs for private homeowners in Brooklyn and Manhattan. To date, the finish on all the jobs has been approved without hesitation. These guys are on time, protect the surroundings well and do an amazing job with their finishes!! I highly recommend them for any of your re-glazing needs. .”

Aaron Bollman & Company, Inc.

“As a General Contractor, I hire Bathtub Doctor to do the tub and tile re-glazing for my projects in Manhattan. They are the best at what they do. Always, clean, prompt, and professional with 100% client satisfaction. I definitely recommend this company to any client or professional.”

About the Author


Founder and CEO

Orlando Salazar came to the US as an alien immigrant on June 3, 1976, while studying English at ICI in Santiago he became fascinated with the idea of coming to live in the US with his dad, and followed his father’s footprints. After only 3 days as a new Long Islander, he applied for his NY driver’s license and became a cabinet assembler at a cabinet shop where his dad had been working as a carpenter after a short week had to fill in for a paint sprayer and he would remain as a paint sprayer for 3 years. In early 1979 at 19 years old he bought his first car and took a job as a bathtub refinisher. Orlando would spend the next 3 years refinishing bathtubs, sinks, and wall tiles gaining a lot of practice and experience, and traveling around the New York metro area. He spent the next 7 years working for 2 other outfits that never grew until he decided to build a better business. Founded Bathtub Doctor on August 16, 1986, Helped thousands of Long Island homeowners put new life into their bathrooms while saving time and money.

Our clients:

Some of Bathtub Doctor’s clients are Affinia Hospitality, Sheraton, Starwood, and Marriott to name a few. Landed a contract with Manhattan East Suite Hotels (now Affinia Hospitality) and successfully completed the Southgate Tower project with 500 rooms and many rooms at their other properties including Plaza 50, Eastgate Tower, Dumont, Lyden Gardens, and others. Landed contract with Royalton Hotel completing 120 rooms, landed a contract with Trump Entertainment Resorts and completed Trump Plaza, and 300 rooms in Atlantic City, in 2008 Landed contract with Morgans Hotel Group and the Hudson Hotel 150 units 2009, 28 years would go by after his arrival to the US and Orlando would re-kindle a relationship with Chilean high school sweetheart – Ximena.  Orlando, his wife, and Ciocco (their cocker spaniel) are happily married and living in Bethpage, NY

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