Bathtub Liners – Shower Liners – Tub Surrounds

Acrylic bathtub liners, acrylic shower liners and surrounds, shower liner walls Bathtub liners, Shower Liners and Tub Surrounds made of durable high-gloss acrylic

Some bathtubs cannot be refinished but bathtub liners can be installed over them, adding years to a bathroom that otherwise would be torn down. We need to measure and determine if a liner would be right for you.

   The same goes for shower liners, some shower bases are  cracked, leaking and beyond repair, a new liner and new drain can be installed over the shower base to make new again.

A complete tub and shower surround ensemble for a one-day bath installation. Many option are available, color, accessories, hardware, shower doors, etc.


Acrylic Shower bases



Shower bases




Shower Doors

Shower doors and shower liners





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