Gorgeous Bath Trends: Rethinking the Vanity

Photo Credit: Royal Roulette via Apartment Therapy.com
Photo Credit: Royal Roulette via Apartment Therapy.com

Bath remodeling goes green when you consider repurposing or reusing traditional furniture.

We love this look – both for its design style as well as for its environmental benefits.  But there are some things to consider when you go this route.

Type of Sink: Undermount sinks are great for keeping an area clean – but can affect your furniture selection. Whereas vessel sinks that sit on top of the cabinet are a super option – but be mindful of height issues.

Type of Furniture: Tables aren’t your only option. Sideboards, dressers, desks, even antique items like bread tables and sewing tables can be used. We’d be wary of using great-grandma’s heirloom dresser or a valuable antique, though: once you’ve committed to using it as your bath vanity, there’s really no going back. Also be sure that the item literally, physically fits in the space you have, and provides enough surface space for your bath paraphernalia.

Height Requirements: The new “standard” is 34-36″… that said, you don’t have to strictly adhere to this. Consider who’s using the space, namely, YOU. If your family is on the tall side, don’t be afraid to raise the counter height.  Also, consider the overall “look” of the piece.  You may find adding height by mounting the cabinet directly to the wall, or adding new legs, in proportion to the rest of the room, can be the best approach.

Countertop Considerations: When you choose your furniture item, consider the condition of the horizontal surface where your sink is going to be. What’s its condition? An older hardwood material item that has been oiled and waxed over the decades could be a super find for a careful master bath owner, or a guest bath…. but think twice about using it for a kids’ bath.

Plumbing: What good is a sink without the plumbing? Using a furniture item can require some additional thought regarding plumbing – depending on the item you choose. For example, if you use a table (a piece of furniture with no sides or encasing the space below), then consider requesting metal pipes to complete your look. If you’re using something closer to cabinetry, such as a sideboard or dresser, then be prepared for some alterations to your piece.  This will likely include removal of the back panel and removing drawers or shelves as needed. That said, drawer facings can be “fastened” to the front of the dresser to maintain the look of the piece.  And a good carpenter (or creative storage systems) can adapt this space with added shelving or smaller drawers.

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