Questions about Bathtub Refinishing

 Got questions about bathtub refinishing?

Frequently Asked Questions about Bathtub Refinishing

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about bathtub refinishing and the answers.

Q: How long will the bathtub refinishing last?
A: With normal proper care the finish will last many years.

: How long does it take to refinish or reglaze?
A: On average about 3 1/2 hrs. to 6 hrs. depends on condition.

How long I have to wait before I use it?
A: Usually 24-48 hrs. Commercial applications 4-12 hrs.

Why shouldn’t I just buy a new tub or tile?
A: The high costs of labor, materials and time associated with remodeling makes refinishing or reglazing very attractive now, more than ever before. (See Cost-to-value report)

What is the refinishing glaze?
A: We use the highest quality material available: Aliphatic Acrylic urethane.

What is the guarantee?
A: Our industry-standard 2 yr. Limited Warranty is included at no extra cost . See our 5 yr Extended Warranty

Is the new tub finish slippery?
A: Not any more than a new acrylic tub, but if you want extra protection against slipping, ask about our non-slip finish available at extra cost.

How long I have to wait before I can get the work done?
A: Usually within 7-10 days, you can also order in advance to schedule a Saturday to reglaze your bathtub.

I’m remodeling right now, should I refinish or reglaze before or after?
A: You should wait until you have completed all your construction steps. We will protect everything very carefully with plastic, paper and tape. See above.

I live in a  Co-Op. They need proof of insurance, can you help me expedite that process?
A: Yes. Please see instructions about obtaining a Certificate of Insurance.

How much does bathtub refinishing cost?

Again, it depends; you may or may not:

  • Be in an Apartment
  • Be in a 5 story walk-up apt.
  • Have shower doors
  • Tub may have been refinished before
  • Surface may need a lot of work due to many factors like: lack of cleaning, plumbing leaks, damaged; like chips, scratches, acid drain cleaners, etc.
  • All these factors affect price. And you may want other added services that you may or not know you need, so every job is different, so at least you need a phone consultation to assess your needs and arrive to a fair price quote sent to you by email.
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